Brighton’s Hidden Gems

Brighton is best known for it’s seaside resort where you can enjoy some fish and chips whilst you attempt to fight off the occasional pigeon (or 20). The vibrant and charming city is home to many incredible gems that are worth exploring at least once. It has an undeniable charm, and with the Brighton Pier taking the lead when it comes to popularity, I’m not surprised why so many tourists choose to come here. 

Although the Pier isn’t exactly a hidden gem, it’s a place where you can be thrown back to your childhood with vintage arcade games, dodgems, cotton candy, and of course the famous waltzers which actually make your head spin so fast you feel as though all of your hangovers have come back from the dead to greet you. (You might want to skip the waltzers to save your head).

Here are a few gems that can make your trip that much better. So you’re welcome in advance.


The name of a luxury chocolate store done right. 

Choccywoccydoodah calls all the chocolate lovers to indulge in some of the most magnificent cakes and brownies. It’s located in the South Lanes and featured on a TV show which is why it’s become a bit of a Brighton landmark. This is your chance to channel (and embrace) your inner Bruce Bogtrotter, you know the kid from Matilda who won the nations hearts when he ate an oversized chocolate cake? Be THAT guy. (Also fuck you Miss Trunchbull).

In all seriousness though, the selection of luxurious chocolate features coconut macaroons, fudge, truffles, rocky road lollies and anything else you could possibly think of. So, treat yourself.

The Pavilion Secret Tunnel

Underneath the Pavilion, there is a century old forgotten tunnel that belonged to Britain’s Prince Regent George IV. Secret tunnels are often intriguing to most people, or a tad creepy but nonetheless it’s an opportunity to explore and experience something a bit different.

It’s believed that the tunnel was actually used as a secret route from the Pavilion to the Prince’s former stables in what we know today as the Dome concert hall. Apparently the Prince became so overweight that he preferred to make the journey alone. There’s no judging on this platform here, but is anyone else thinking maybe he took too many stops at choccywoccydoodah? Just a thought.

There are 45 minute tours available which can change your perspective of the city altogether. You can view more information regarding the tours by visiting this link.

Graffiti Art

Either street art is your thing or not. You can find graffiti art in any city that you visit if you look close enough, but Brighton is home to quite a few awesome pieces. Start your search in the North and South lanes first, and be sure to have your camera ready. It can be a lot more fun than prancing around a professional art gallery with expensive pieces you wish you could afford. And with graffiti art at least it’s free!

Devil’s Dyke

Devil’s Dyke, otherwise known as Devil’s Ditch, is ideal for nature lovers who can’t get enough of pretty scenery and exceptional panoramic views. It’s a 100m deep V shaped valley which requires you hopping on a bus, or going for a drive, outside the city centre of Brighton. You’ll be blessed with views of the whole of East Sussex once you reach the top of Devil’ Dyke, which makes it perfect for a day out when the British weather wants to treat us nicely. 

There is a pub at the very top so you can quench your thirst with a beer, or gin and fuel your body with some seasonal pub food.

It’s definitely worth popping Brighton on your list of places to visit if you haven’t already!

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